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Newsletter 19 January 024

It has been a tiny bit chilly this week but I have been keeping warm with lots of layers including a wearable bunny blanket with ears (I may even have worn this on a Zoom meeting) – warmth over style any day.

We ran a ‘Housewarming’ session at the Social Supermarket where we gave out free items to keep you warm at home; it amazed me just how creative you can be. From the obvious hot water bottle and putting an extra jumper on, to my wearable blanket and draught excluders that move with the door. If you are struggling to heat your home make sure you don’t miss our Social Supermarket sessions with Paul from ecoe; he is attending regularly and the next date will be announced shortly. If you have an under 5 he also is attending Little Lambs on Thursday 1st of February between 10:00-12:00 at St. Luke’s. He can offer free home energy visits where you can get advice as well as free practical solutions to your heating issues.

It looks like it is still going to be chilly next week so why not head to one of our fabulous sessions; enjoy a cheeky hot chocolate at our Talkative Tuesdays, work up your own warmth at Boxercise with Becca or feel the heat of competition at our Game Night.


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