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Be Buckfastleigh is a community project which aims to address health, social and economic inequalities. Poverty and inequalities are hidden in small rural towns which means there is a need for all activities to reconnect people to each other and for businesses and social projects to collaborate if they are to succeed.

We provide activities for the people of Buckfastleigh and other communities which connect people to each other and to their environment and where they live. People are free to choose the activities they are interested in, which may also improve wellness and mental health and skills, and provide pathways to volunteering, training and work.

Ours is a holistic model for Wellbeing which supports citizenship, environmental sustainability and the economy.

Many of the activities below were developed prior to and during Covid-19 as a response to local need. These include:-

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BeWild Logo
  • Be Well – have access to good food, help, support, and advice to live their best lives.
  • Be Active – have fun, creative and healthy things to do.
  • Be Wild – take time to appreciate, enjoy and help protect the environment and the incredible wildlife that surrounds us.
  • Be Better Off – learn, gain skills and have access to experiences to help access to paid and voluntary work.
  • Be Involved – have their voices heard and help make decisions in their community.

As one of the NESTA Democracy Pioneers we work in collaboration with regional and national bodies to develop and research the issues which impact small rural communities and seek to find solutions to common problems.

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Lockdown online community Question-time

Who are we?

Be Buckfastleigh is a Community Interest Company (CIC) which means we are a company with primarily social objectives and whose surpluses are reinvested in the business for the benefit of the community.

Our Directors are…