Be Buckfastleigh Make Good Things Happen

Be Well

Be Buckfastleigh wants the people of town to have access to good food, support, and advice. Below are a few examples of how we are trying to help…

Zoom Fitness Classes: Over the past couple of week’s we’ve been able to extend our provision of fitness classes, with the help from some local providers:   
Moor Fitness & Nutrition
Hooperlative Health & Fitness
Fiona Paterson

Whilst we are unable to deliver our in person exercise classes, we do have the ability to link you up to various virtual fitness classes which you can attend from the comfort of your own home via Zoom.

Current classes meet pretty much all levels of fitness and you can work at your own pace.
If you are interested in Zumba, HIIT, Circuits, Legs, Bums & Tums, Hoop or a gentle movement class, please drop us a message and let us know what class you’d be interested in.

These classes are FREE for TQ11 residents. Click here for more details

Community Christmas Meals. Christmas can be a difficult time for some people. We have worked with Riverford, Buckfast Abbey, Buckfastleigh Town Council and the Rill Estate to provide a communal meal over the last few years so all who want it can be with others to enjoy a free Christmas treat.

Riverford Organic Meals. Free weekly chilled vegetarian meals created by the professional chefs at the Riverford Field Kitchen. These are available from The Living Room and are there to give a boost to anyone who needs a little help at this challenging time.

We do have the recipes from Riverford for the last two weeks meals (Winter Veg curry & Broccoli Linguine). Please contact us via e-mail if you would like a copy.

Free Packed Lunches For Kids. Free lunches for those that need it during the holidays.

Citizens Advice: We worked with Buckfastleigh Town Council to reinstate a Citizens Advice service for the town. Although currently closed because of lockdown, it has done a wonderful job over the last few years, helping local people to access support and guidance.