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What is a Food Hub?

We announced last week that we are facilitating a food hub getting started in Buckfastleigh and were looking for volunteers to help. I wanted to give you more information about food hubs and what they are.

Food hubs are aimed at people on low incomes or those currently struggling. However they are open to all and no proof is needed to use them. You go along yourself and fill out a simple membership form (there is no fee to sign up). Pricing is very simple, £5 a bag. You get to pick and choose what you want like a normal shop. There is also the option of doing a delivery model where food boxes are delivered to households that have ordered a box. The food is coming from sources that are surplus or near end of best before so food hubs reduce food waste at the same time.

It also appeals to a whole range of people, people that are on low incomes that need their budget to go further, people that are environmentally conscious about food waste and those that are just trying to get by during a cost of living crisis.

Here is a useful link about social supermarkets which the food hub is essentially:

What are social supermarkets and how can you find them?

If you are able to volunteer please e-mail