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Pam Barrett

Pam has been a civil servant for over 30 years, working mostly in policy development, central coordination, strategic HR and organisational roles based in Whitehall, and more recently in Exeter.

Picture of Pam Barrett
Pam Barrett

She moved to Buckfastleigh in 2007 and became closely involved in a range of community projects seeking to enhance and improve life in the town.  

Campaigning to save the local lido from closure, Pam became chair of the charity Victoria Park Buckfastleigh in 2014 and secured over £300,000 grant funding to repair and improve the facility which now draws thousands of visits each year and hosts many community events and activities.

In 2015, Pam formed the Buckfastleigh Independent Group (BIG) to stand for Buckfastleigh Town Council elections.  BIG was elected to 9 out of 12 of the council seats and the group began a radical series of changes to the town councils processes, enabling it to work more closely with others in the community and to deliver an ambitious series of projects to meet the needs of the community.

Pam supports a network of campaigners and parish councils across the country seeking to modernise local democracy and was recognised as NESTA Democracy Pioneer award in 2020.

When not working, you can find Pam out looking for wild mushrooms or watching the famous Buckfastleigh Greater Horseshoe Bats.