Make Good Things Happen

Newsletter 3 November 2023

I am sat in a café at a hospital and there is a huge sign to do with the effects of incivility and the statistics involved. Unfortunately, at some point or other in our lives we will all I am sure experience rudeness and negativity. It can of course have a huge affect on the individual involved (80% spend time worrying about the exchange) but also it is staggering to see that 50% of witnesses are less likely to help others.

I go through life with the attitude that you should be as kind as you can to others no matter the situation, even if it is a negative situation (say I have to complain) I will still deal with that person in a kind and respectful manner. However, you cannot control how others will be to you and I do struggle (like the 80% of people) after I have had someone else be rude towards me. In those situations I like to seek the support of those around me and to try not to take it onto myself – which is easier said than done.

But what I am getting at here is summed up in a couple of old cliches. That you should treat others as you wish to be treated and that you cannot control how others are only how you react.

Sending you all lots of love, kindness and happiness.


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