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Newsletter 27 June 2022


There is only one main item in the newsletter this week as it is SO important.

Become a member of Be Buckfastleigh!
We have to collect information for our funders EVERY time you attend one of our events. At Hello Summer that means filling in a form EVERY time you complete a workshop. Sometimes there are 2 or 3 events per day and you have to sign in for every one. Due to this, there can be queues whilst people do this. If you become a Be Buckfastleigh member, you can SKIP THE QUEUES by flashing us your membership number on your card when you have it, and you’re straight in with NO FORMS TO FILL IN! You’d be silly not to become a member! ONE MEMBERSHIP PER PERSON/CHILD

Do you like ice-cream and gelato?
We will be drawing a monthly prize draw for both Bridgetown and Buckfastleigh at the end of this month. If you are signed up to be a member by then, you will be in with the chance of winning a tasty prize. We need one membership per person or child, so the more people you sign up, the more chances you have of winning. Fill in this form to become a member:

More details on Hello Summer coming very shortly! Remember to keep an eye on our Facebook pages for information too.

Membership form free prize draw

Save time and queues at Hello Summer and all of our events. Become a Be Buckfastleigh member and enter in to our FREE MONTHLY PRIZE DRAW by clicking on this link:
You could be one of the lucky winners!

Covid Vaccinations Thursday 30 June