Make Good Things Happen

Newsletter 24 February 2023

There are so many reasons why community is so important, some are obvious like safety, support, connection and belonging but others less so, like learning acceptance of others, helping you succeed professionally, and improving your physical and mental health.

I moved to Buckfastleigh in April 2021 and straight away was welcomed into our wonderful community with open arms; I still am amazed by the warmth and friendship that comes my way on a daily basis living in this beautiful town.

Sometimes, however it can be hard to make those connections and build relationships with others around you. That is where the sessions that we run are ideal. So whether you are a confident, outgoing person that has no trouble connecting with people and would simply like more opportunity to do so or you are someone that is struggling to connect with your community and want to make new links with people; then our sessions are perfect for you. So don’t wait book on and enjoy some fantastic activities with some wonderful people. You are also of course more than welcome at our sessions if you just want to come do the activity and enjoy some time for yourself.

PS. If you need anymore reason to attend one of our sessions then here is a fantastic picture of our Emma enjoying herself at circus skills this week.


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