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Newsletter 10 March 2023

I hope everyone has had a good week, it feels non-stop here at Be Buckfastleigh but that is exactly how we like it. Lots of activities, planning, meetings and creativity.

Whilst at one of my meetings I was discussing our activities and someone that lives in Bridgetown raised the question of who our activities are for. I explained that they are for anyone, no matter your circumstance, no matter your financial situation, no matter your physical and mental health. We of course want to support the most in need in our communities but our approach is always and will always be all-inclusive. We want to reach out to all members of our towns and help them in whatever way they need. I have to say the look of amazement and surprise on the lady’s face that we were offering so many wonderful activities all for free and for anyone that wanted to attend was incredible. This response is one of the many reasons why my colleagues and I are so passionate about what we do at Be Buckfastleigh.

It is hard to think that what seems like the norm in our wonderful town of Buckfastleigh (free, accessible activities for all) is actually very unusual and in some ways unique. So if you wonder if you should or can attend one of our sessions, please know that the answer is YES!


PS. Make sure you keep scrolling as we have some important Hello Easter news.

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