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Hello Summer Venue Under Threat of Closure

We are very concerned about the future of Victoria Park and the pool; so please have your say at the public vote on Thursday 27th October at the Town Hall between 16:00-21:00.

Due to drastically increasing costs the whole site faces closure; this will mean we’ll no longer have a venue to run a lot of our Hello Summer/Christmas/Easter/Halloween programmes or to put on many of our other amazing activities and workshops.

We would really struggle to continue to provide these services without access to the park and pool; so, if you value the programmes we run, we urge you to make your opinion heard. As well as the vote there is a meeting at the Football Club tomorrow at 11:00am with the Victoria Park representatives; come along and get any questions you may have answered. Hello Summer makes a huge difference to so many families so please vote on Thursday the 27th.