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Crisis time for Victoria Park and Pool





Hopefully by now you should have seen or heard about the Parish Poll happening this Thursday. Here at Be Buckfastleigh we are very concerned about the survival of Victoria Park and the Open-Air Pool as we hold the majority of our Hello Summer activities there.

You may not know this but Be Buckfastleigh secures £53 000 of external funding from regional and national grants to run the Hello Summer programme. This means that through the free activities and food that we offer to the families in our community we put £53 000 into our town. We not only love that these programmes offer a much-needed lifeline to the families that attend but that it also brings a fantastic boost to our economy.

Without Victoria Park and Pool we could not host our Hello Summer programme as we do not currently have any viable alternative sites to hold the events. We use it for arts and crafts workshops, games, SEND swimming sessions, puppet shows, storytelling, family swim sessions, treasure hunts, meeting alpacas and SO MUCH MORE!

As well as all that Be Buckfastleigh does not just use Victoria Park and Pool for the Hello Summer programme of events but also for adult sessions and classes too.

If you do have any unanswered questions before the vote then please see the information below. PLEASE VOTE; MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR SAY! Do not let others speak on your behalf. Head to the Town Hall between 4pm and 9pm on Thursday the 27th of October. If you are unable to attend as voting must be in person, then please email and to share your views.